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What does the perfect drink need?
The perfect mixer......
You have found the right place
Original hand crafted sodas
The first in South Africa!
Post mix syrups in all flavours and more

Soda 4

heritage tonic

Tonic made the old way! Heritage tonic is crafted from cinchona bark which gives the Craft Soda Heritage Tonic the classic bitter quality which is the perfect mix to your classic Gin.  

Soda 2

This refreshing combo of tart morello cherries and sour lemonade is great servedwith your favourite spirit or simply served on ice! 

cherry lemonade

Soda 3

cucumber citrus

The Original Craft Soda cucumber citrus soda is made from fresh cucumber and ripe lemons. Pairs nicely with some sunshine, gin or just served on ice. 

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